Restoring Confidence in Wyoming's Elections

Through Transparency, Accountability and Honesty

Sarah (Parker) Penn  grew up learning about the importance of hard work and integrity from an early age as she was an active part of the family horse breeding operation, cattle ranch and busy livestock auction company. She and her siblings started training ponies for family friends and that blossomed into a love of training and showing good Quarter horses.

Nate and Sarah both felt moved to act as unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns began occurring in response to COVID. It became clear that current leadership was not standing up to the tyranny in ways that showed they regarded their constitutional duty to represent the people’s interest. After much prayer and consideration, Sarah decided to run for the office of Representative for Wyoming House District 33. She has a strong sense of commitment to this great state and all that it offers.

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Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it”

Thomas Paine

Working for All People of Fremont County

Protecting Life

Fighting to protect the lives of the unborn. Platinum Award recipient from Wyoming Right to Life. Pro-Life Champion Award from Students for Life.

Lowering Tax Reform

Our government has a spending problem. I subscribe to the Party plank: All taxes collected must be used for the constitutional purposes of government. Taxes should never be more than necessary to meet the government’s constitutional obligations. I will continue to work for true Property Tax REFORM for all.

Government Transparency

For liberty to be preserved, government must be held in check. A government should exist solely to protect life, liberty and property and therefore will be inherently limited. It is the duty of responsible citizens to engage and be involved in the process of government.

Medical Freedom

We, as individuals, have the final determination on what we consider to be best for our own health. While we are free to consider the opinions and recommendations of others, we should never be coerced into taking a medical treatment of any kind against our desire and best judgment.

Parental Rights

Parents have stewardship over their children and a fundamental right to direct the care, education, and upbringing of their children. The government has no authority to coerce or supersede those rights. Parents have a responsibility to love, teach, and properly care for and raise them into contributing members of American society.