About Sarah Penn

Sarah (Parker) Penn grew up learning about the importance of hard work and integrity from an early age as she was an active part of the family horse breeding operation, cattle ranch and busy livestock auction company. She and her siblings started training ponies for family friends and that blossomed into a love of training and showing good Quarter horses.

Sarah graduated from Mountain Crest High School. She was active in the FFA and served as Secretary and President of her chapter. She was also active in the horse 4H program, showing horses, horse bowl competitions and was part of the Utah state champion horse judging team earning a trip to the National 4H horse Judging competition.

She was always encouraged to find a passion that would, in turn, provide a suitable means of providing for herself and her future family. That encouragement, coupled with a cultivated love of caring for injured animals on the ranch, and a strong will to succeed, lead her into a nursing career. She attended Utah State University and graduated with an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Weber State University. Enjoyment of a fast-paced environment led her to the Emergency Department, where she worked as a nurse for several years as she pursued a Master’s degree in nursing, graduating from University of Colorado Anschutz campus in Denver, CO in 2009. She then continued work in the Emergency department as a Family Nurse Practitioner for several years before marrying her best friend, Nate Penn, and moving to Green River, Wyoming. Nate is a technical education teacher, teaching auto, welding and woodshop.  They moved to Lander, Wyoming in 2014 to raise their family. Sarah continues to work as a Nurse Practitioner and Nate as a tech ed teacher in Fremont County. They have 3 young children, Dally, Laramie, and Grady. As a family they love horseback riding, rodeo, and camping.

Nate and Sarah both felt moved to act as unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns began occurring in response to COVID. It became clear that current leadership was not standing up to the tyranny in ways that showed they regarded their constitutional duty to represent the people’s interest. That motived them to drive forward a local response which has continued to gain momentum. They both feel a great duty to protect the divinely blessed way of life in this great state and country, and to uphold the basic constitutional tenets of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. They realize the immediate need for strong conservative values to be restored throughout our local, state and national governments. These things, combined with a strong faith in God and His direction, have led them to become more deeply involved in the push to return America to its core constitutional values. After much prayer and consideration, Sarah decided to run for the office of Representative for Wyoming House District 33. She has a strong sense of commitment to this great state and all that it offers.

“Sarah is absolutely dedicated to her family and community. She is more concerned with doing what is right as opposed to what is popular. She is exactly the type of leader we need to represent us in the current political climate. We need stronger families not more government to cure our current maladies in our society. Sarah is a strong advocate for the family as well as honoring and following the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Brock White

M.D. in Fremont County

“I have known Sarah for 10 years and can assure everyone of her integrity, strong ethics, and dedication to helping others.  She will stand up for conservative values, families, and the Wyoming way of life.  If we want to return our Wyoming Government to the way our founding fathers envisioned it, with less over-reach and more transparency, we need more people like Sarah in the Legislature.”

Scott Heiner

Rep. House District 18