Fight for Medical Freedom

  • Prime Sponsor HB119– Protecting your doctor’s right to prescribe needed medications, such as Ivermectin, even if it is “off-label” (died in Senate committee after passing House 44-18)
  • Prime Sponsor HB115– required donated blood to be labeled as having mRNA injections and allow you to request non-mRNA blood for non-emergent procedures (died in Speakers drawer)
  • Prime leader of committee bill HB14- breaking down barriers to health care by cutting back insurance company prior authorization requirements (passed and signed by Governor)

Government Trasnparency

  • Prime sponsor HB 49– Would have increased transparency within government by prioritizing remote access, requiring public comment in all public meetings, requiring that minutes and recordings be posted
  • Prime Sponsor HB61 – Sought to identify any education dollars spent on topics related to social or political activism, DEI, CRT; required parental opt-in before instruction occurs


Pushing Back on the Big Spenders

  • Voted against the largest budget in WY history- an increase of 30% over the last budget
  • Worked with other conservatives to push 40 budget-cutting amendments
  • Requested interim topic to dive into WY social services programs to identify problems and get able bodies back  to work (topic denied, but I continue to investigate in committee)
  • Cosponsor of HB127, representing real property tax relief (died in committee)


Protecting Parental Rights, Family Values, Women, and Children

  • Motioned to draft committee bill to prohibit tax dollars to be used for sexually explicit events
  • Prime Sponsor HB78– required porn sites to get age verification and heightened penalties for crime of promoting obscenity (died In Speakers drawer)
  • Author of SF009 amendment requiring parental opt-in prior to any school instruction on sexual identity or gender orientation (passed, will become law July 1)
  • Cosponsor and House Lead on SF99, preventing gender transition drugs and surgeries on minors


Protecting 2A

  • Cosponsor of HB125, which repealed gun-free zones (bill passed but vetoed by Governor)
  • Voted FOR a Special Session to undo the Governor’s veto (attempt failed)


Legislative Record Scorecards & Awards
Top 10 Platform-supporting Legislator
100% Representation of Republican Principles
“Very Conservative”
“High Trust”

Honor Wyoming
“Top Hand”
Top 15 for Supporting Economic Prosperity

Students for Life
Champion for Life Award

Wyoming Right to Life
Platinum Award

Wyoming Conservative Action Network
“Steadfast dedication in upholding conservative values”